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Monthly Archives: March 2009


If one looked very closely through the eyepiece, one could make out the beginnings of organization, not structure exactly but agreement among the constructors that organization might exist.



…she did not know that the mask they had given her was more or less a compression of reality and like reality would dissolve, when looked at too closely, into shadows and contradictory facets…


Ms. D– had come to believe (after all that had come to pass) that childhood was a form of inertia, implacably motionless and fixed to an anchor point in time. Some could break free;  some could partially escape its orbit like a drowning man in and out of the waves. Others were only free in imagination.


The messages in those days often seemed confused, or random, because there was no longer any overarching framework to structure thought, and visions fluttered like lost electrons wandering the void…


The angels have lost their desire for us.


There are those who until this day do not agree that what happened had any bearing on the present moment other than to expand the parameters of  happening itself. (italics added)


When M— spoke into the empty room, his voice would echo in diminishing ripples until it came back to him, the voice of another.


The last days of an historical cycle resemble fish swimming in a glass.


The message read, “What you have requested has been lost.”


There is a place where there is no horizon and in the language of the natives the word for horizon does not exist.