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drawThe rivals approached each other on an empty field but the duel did not happen.


figureangels copy

You cannot imagine certain things unless you have experienced them. Other things are beyond experience unless you have first imagined them.


Though she often said she lived primarily in the world of ideas, she was not averse to succumbing completely and utterly to a reality over which she had no control.

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We don’t know our origin but we know less about where we’re going…

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“When, in this world,  things become unintelligible, reason sleeps,” he said. “But, ” he added , “reason is not part of this world.”

One can never place much stock in the intentions of men because intentions, unlike actions, are fleeting…

excerpt The Diary of Mdme. D

Do not worry

Do not fear

Even if

the end be near…

The world was rendered in one moment into an unrecognizable place where power was something other than that which it had always been and former certainties were knowable, like elementary particles, only through their absence.

No one could say with any precision when the days of indignation had begun but what became clear was the fact that language could no longer convey meaning between individuals or groups because all languages had become foreign in their essence.


From the beginning, there here have always been an infinite number of possible outcomes, all contingent solely on the skills of the creator…