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the date


They had worked through the awkward opening phase of all things and were able to reach an elevated, albeit temporary, state.



excerpt The Vanishing Point


The moment you no longer care is the moment you are free from everything except the outcome.


A phenomenon observed is a phenomenon altered.



They often describe the feeling as uncanny but the uncanny is always there just below the threshold of perception. The mind is nothing more than a system of filters  conspiring to make reality seem mundane.


There are kingdoms from which no traveler returns…


“Lest you do not remember, I am here to remind,” said the spider to the fly.


These are not the things we have spoken of because our languages are incompatible and our gestures are abstract and absent of meaning.

figureangels copy

You cannot imagine certain things unless you have experienced them. Other things are beyond experience unless you have first imagined them.


Though she often said she lived primarily in the world of ideas, she was not averse to succumbing completely and utterly to a reality over which she had no control.